Carrie Creasey, Alamo, 02-01-03
Julie and Jeanie Kittilstad, Marleys, 09-03
Scott Lecocq,  Alamo, 02-20-03
Carrie Creasey, Alamo, 03-29-03
Scott Lecocq, Chatham Homecoming, 06-21-03
Nashville recording artist Jamey Garner,  Capital Street Celebration, 07-05-03
Oakie Morris, Marleys, 07-26-03
Paul Planters, IL State Fair Miller Tent, 08-13-03
Ben Lowder, Marleys, 11-22-03
John Fergusen, Alamo, 12-20-03
Carrie Creasey, Alamo, 12-20-03
Howie Freitag, Marleys, 03-06-04
Doug Goulson, ISF Miller Tent, 08-14-04
Ben Lowder, Marleys, 09-24-04
Becky Duncan, Alamo, 03-19-05
Becky Duncan, Farmersville Irish Days, 06-11-05
Jim Crowley, Busters, 04-26-06
Just a few of the performers that either sat in with us, or filled in for the gig.  Scott Lecocq started out as a guest and was a  part-time member for awhile.
John Fergusen, Bar Oasis, 05-25-07
Scott Lecocq, Soar Into Summer, 06-01-07
Rod Grant of the Rave, IL State Fair, 08-07
Jeff Wakolbinger, Marlys, 12-21-07
Kent Starr of Broken Stone, Marlys, 11-10-07
Tony Dyer, Baileys, 03-15-08
Rod Grant of The Rave, IL State Fair, 08-08
Scott Lecocq, IL State Fair, 08-16-08
Oakie Morris, Marleys, 04-23-08