SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
Best of Springfield 2005
Entertainment & nightlife


Local music fans once again proclaim F5 to be the best band around, but strong showings by the Lost Boys and Late Arrival made it a good race. Whether the ever-popular F5 is playing an outdoor festival, a fair’s beer tent, or downtown nightclub, the sextet (plus a rapper and dancers) is always energetic and crowd-oriented. They don’t try to be obscure, obtuse or obnoxious; in fact, they’re obviously catering to the young and fun party crowd. One of the main reasons for their consistent popularity is simply that they change with the times, learning new songs off the current Top 40 charts. The up-to-date state of the ever-changing song list allows the band to stay fresh and win over new fans even as other groups become “classic” and “retro” along with their followings.