SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
Best of Springfield 2007
Entertainment & nightlife


F5 is known more as a Top 40 dance band than as a rock band, but this perennial favorite managed to dominate both categories this year. After all, rockin’ the house doesn’t always mean two electric guitars, bass, and drums played really loud. F5 does a great job of learning current hits, continually updating the band’s song list and performing with gusto, verve, and bravado. Frequent headliners at area festivals and beer tents, F5 draws crowds in, enticing them into dancing, singing, and just generally acting wild and crazy, which is what those youngsters like to do when they go out to party. Face it, folks, you can talk about your classic-rock bands, your blues bands, your jazz bands, your country bands, and even your tribute bands — all of which in this town are mainly cover groups — and say how well they imitate, duplicate, and otherwise replicate other people’s material, but, when it’s all said and done, F5 does the most popular music of the day.
Runner-up, cover band: Broken Stone
Runner-up, rock band: The Station