February 10, 2008
Readers' Choice Awards (for 2007)
1st place, Best Local Band
State Journal Register

The first annual Readers' Choice Awards in the State Journal Register were announced on February 10th, 2008.  (All the results are in .pdf on the SJR website).  F5 won first place in the Best Local Band category!  Congratulations to 2nd place (Debbie Ross Band) and 3rd place (NIL8) in this category.  Thanks to SJR for this award!  F5 would also like to thank:

Photos: David Hobby (Big Dog Productions)
Sponsors: KISS-FM, E & F
Security: TJ Swoik, Rich Whiting
Guest players: Chris Bartolomucci, Rod Grant, Stan Komperda
Dancers: Randi & TJ, Heather & Breanne (Frederick's School of Fine Arts), Tracey & Tracy, (Turnout Movement Studio)
Soundmen: Ric Majors, Warren Taylor, JR