JUNE 12, 2003
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  One is not enough, it takes two to tango. I'm seeing double, but two is better than one. Bands are double dipping all over the place this weekend.

Moroccan Soul camps out at Norb Andy's for a weekend stay, Friday and Saturday, filling the intimate underground bar with smooth groove tunes backed by a Latin vibe. Atop the Hilton at Jazz Central Station, elevator shoe mutates into "e-shoe flip-flop" on Friday and goes a size larger as the "e-shoe sextet" on Saturday. And we're just getting warmed up. More double features include Big Fur at Marly's on Friday and Viele's Planet on Saturday. The Mighty Mudbugs march into the Grandstand Sports Bar on Friday, then hold down the Miller Beer Pavilion on Saturday at the Sangamon County Fair. Not to be outdone, F5 (who, by the way, was at the Budweiser ROC stage at the fair on Wednesday, not Rockhouse as was incorrectly reported by your faithful yet fallible columnist) heads down to Farmersville on Friday for Irish Days. And off they go on Saturday to the Aqua Club Chicken Fry on Lake Springfield. Of note--opening for the F 5ers at the fowl feast is Carbon Copy, a group with two (of course) female lead vocalists, participating to the utmost in our twin bill weekend extravaganza. Then Live Wire works the pair-a-gigging party by hitting the Irish Days this Thursday, June 12, taking a night off, and then cruising to Litchfield for a visit to Boomer's on Saturday. Topping off our binary bash with a twist, the Oohs move into Marly's on Saturday and then perform at the fair's Miller Pavilion on Sunday. Of course, you could take in the Dan Rivero Trio Wednesday at Frankie's, Thursday at the Trading Post, Friday at Babajee's, and Saturday at P.J.'s in Dawson. But that's a normal week for Dan and the boys.

Whew, let's take a breather and congratulate the court from last weekend's Brewhaus Prom. Every year the award-winning tavern hosts a prom night, complete with flowers, a picture area, dressed-to-the-hilt attendees, and a court with royalty. Give hearty felicitations to the 2003 king, Bobby Ramirez, and his lovely queen, Amy O'Keefe, if you see them out and about.

While we're handing out congratulations, be sure to send some to Rodney Patterson at Viele's Planet. The singer and guitarist from the Moonlight Rhythm Rangers--and past groups Ingrates, Love Hogs, and Two for Flinchin--has beat the odds and lived another year. Help celebrate this momentous occasion with a visit to Viele's on Saturday. Mr. Patterson has asked his brother's band, Lucky Patterson and the Wolf Crick Boys, to help make this a night to remember; also pitching in for the party will be Cowboy Andy, Smacker, and Big Fur, along with the Rhythm Rangers. Glen Dillman, lead singer of Big Fur, is on the bill as an official birthday boy too. Did you really think there would be only one birthday this weekend?

Goodbye, goodbye, so long, so long. Nothing succeeds like excess.