DECEMBER 24, 2003
Now Playing 12-25-03


Pub Crawl 12-25-03    F5, Marly's Pub, Saturday, 9pm

Welcome creatures of the nightlife to a special holiday edition of Now Playing. What's so special about it? Why it's coming out during the holidays, of course.

Our friends in Redd Skyy have some good news to report. At last reading, Lyman Ellerman, lead singer and co-songwriter of the group, had moved to Nashville on the advice of an Universal South Records A & R rep. Lyman along with guitarist and co-songwriter Chuck Werner and bassist Jerry Turley (both sing, too) stopped in at the Bluebird Café for the famed open mic talent search. It's nearly impossible to get in the first time (this was their second visit) and when you do get in, it's even harder to receive an invite to return. Well Redd Skyy, number 34 out of 35 auditionees, got asked to do another song. The bookers then requested the trio to perform a spotlight night at the world-famous Nashville songwriter hangout. Congratulations on a job well done. For the full story, come see the group at the Underground City Tavern this Friday.

Nobody sings the songs like Johnny Owens. He's good and getting better, especially with the top-notch John Crisp Band pushing behind him. Check out the soul-pop-blues combo at American Legion Post 809, this Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. Sing it, baby!

Look for Bob Katt and the Missing Lynx at 11 West also on Friday, as our downtown martini bar stakes a claim on the 8 to 11 jazz slot. The corner bar on Adams and Fifth has plans for local jazz groups to kick start every weekend. Then they'll plug in the DJs until 3 a.m. for your dancing pleasure.

Hey all you rockers, come one and all to Viele's Planet this weekend. Friday, Decatur's finest, Honest Pod, revs up for a cling-clanging time with Funky Circus Fleas and Victims of Chaos. Saturday, Timmy's and MAG combine with The Springfields (not from Mr. Lincoln's Hometown) to shake the bricks. All ages are invited to a Sunday show from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. when MAG stays home and is replaced in the lineup with Self Abused. All in all, it'll be a weekend lesson in catastrophic cacophonic vibrations.

There will be a veritable cornucopia of New Year's Eve bands to choose from on the last night of 2003. Get an early start on the festivities with a visit to Charlie's Club under Andiamo! and a listen to the cool jazz rocking sounds of Real Time from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The Station promises a Phish-like experience, high atop the capital city at Jazz Central Station. If you know what that means you're now salivating uncontrollably. If you think I've just spelled a popular aquatic animal's name wrong, don't worry that you don't get it. Black Magic Johnson conveniently stays at Floyd's Thirst Parlor for their weekly Wednesday gig, which so happens to be the famous New Year's Eve we hear so much about. Lime Street Café got the coup of the year and booked Rachael Lee and Jazz Express for their big night. Big Fur is a guaranteed house rocker at Marly's Pub's annual trip around the sun party. Browse the pub crawl for other "bands on the fun" bringing in 2004 on a high note.

So, too, shall we end the special Holiday edition on a high note -- make that a G two octaves above middle C -- and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.