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Diary 2016
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Jan 8th, Blue Grouch
Never a dull moment, indoors or out, at The Blue Grouch.
Jan 22nd, Club 217
Packed again!
Feb 19th, The Curve
Awesome crowd on a cold night.
March 18th, The Curve
Kortney Leatherwood filled for bass, and we had a great show with him.  
April 30th, Blue Grouch
John Kirby filled in on bass and we had a great show with him also.
May 14th, The Curve
Lance and Brandon from Lick Creek sat in, also Brandy from Brandy Kristin & The Revival.  Awesome night.
More photos from these shows and more can be found on our FB page.  
June 24th, Pawnee Prairie Days
Our last time to play this festival was in 2008.  Fun night, great crowd.
June 25th, The Blue Grouch
AMAZING crowd, love playing here!
July 9th, The Prop Club
Well treated at The Prop Club, great crowd, fun show.
August 6th, The Blue Grouch
Another packed beer garden at the Grouch.
December 9th, The Curve, Final Show
After 20 years this December, F5 broke up for a 2nd and final time. We broke up in 2008 when I moved to Florida, and we came back together after I returned early in 2015. Our first show was at the former Bootleggers, December 13th, 1996. During our run from 1996 to 2008, we won 11 Best Band awards from 3 publications; one from the former Springfield Magazine, two from State Journal Register, and eight from Illinois Times. We also won 3 individual awards (Tony Dyer, Kenny Duffy, Robin Bosie), all in 2000 from IL Times. For this show, original members Robin Bosie, Stan Komperda and Tony Dyer returned to play a few songs. Thank you everybody that followed us anytime during these last 20 years. We might do a reunion show in the far future, so the Facebook page will remain up. It was only fitting that Ric Majors is on sound for the last show, as he was a big part of our beginning days. -Tom Gaskins